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We offer flexible schedule to all our staff members so you can select the most convenient time for your work.


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I drive for eTaxi over 2 years now, I never had a problem with them, when I had a problem they always resolved, thank you eTaxi Protal.

I drive for eTaxi over 2 years now!
— Thomas H.

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How does eTaxi work?

In simple terms with eTaxi, you will get a better deal and the ability to earn more money, daily. We offer a flexible schedule for all our staff members so you can select the most convenient time for your work. Fares that you receive are automatically paid out by intervals you have chosen.

When a passenger completes a trip with you, we will charge a fare that is calculated based on the distance traveled from pickup destination, the time the trip took as well as other fees.

Before you accept an incoming job request, you will see a cost estimate for the trip. This estimate may depend on varying factors that can alter it, such as traffic, tolls, and diversions.

Every driver's success rate will be measured when drivers complete jobs that they accept. We call it Star Ratings and merely the average ratings of your customer satisfaction points.

Your Star Rating is an important indicator of your level of customer service and professionalism. You should always make your best effort to pick up a passenger by calling them, texting them, and waiting at the pickup for at least 5 minutes before.

Star ratings are an essential part of your final earning calculations. You can find more about this after you sign up under your commission settings.

We have integrated a wallet system for both passengers and riders. Your earnings will be accumulated in your wallet until it reaches to specific payment interval you have chosen in your commission page. We will then transfer your earnings via Transferwise, and it would be cheaper if you also open one of Transferwise Borderless account.


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Taxis and cabs have always been my passion since I entered this industry. I’m glad that my dream has not only become a reality, but also helps people all over the US to reach the goals they set using eTaxi portal .
— Ted McKinney, Executive Director